The Living Tapestry of Herbs

The Living Tapestry of Herbs
Self Heal
Spring is the season we have been looking for, warmer weather and longer days. A greener landscape illuminating red, blues, and purple hues. 
After a long winter of setting goals, in early spring quarantined, our passion grows for the days we can be outdoors. Athletic activity, yard work, and gardening at our fingertips as our adrenalin runs high. We value the task at hand more than the minor twitch and throb an a tight muscle band. Before you know it, your joints are stiff, and your muscles sore. Sound familiar? 
Herbs for the Bath
Draw the water for a hot bath.  Blending fresh herbs with the dried herbs you stored in the past.  Fill a pot with peppermint and rosemary sprigs.  Place the herbs in boiling  water, steep for 10-20 minutes.  While you wait, rub yourself down with ABC Liniment.   Add some Lavender Essential Oil to the mix; strain the tisane and add to the bath water. 
Herbal baths nurture the entire body or specific parts of the body, such as hands, hips, feet and muscles. Because the skin is the largest digestive organ in the body, it readily absorbs herbal properties. Herbal baths are especially useful and effective for people of any age, infants, the elderly, etc.  Once you soak for 20 minutes your skin becomes pliable so the herbal constituents can pass the water barrier. A natural barrier of protection for your body. Essential oils travel quickly through the skins solar cells and sweat glands.  They are charged with sunlight and electrolytes.   Adding essential oils to the bath along with herbs is an effective synergy.  Electrolytes assimilate herbal nutrients quickly. 
Some herbs companion well with other herbs and work as a buffer between water and skin. They are soothing demulcents; the herbs contain carbohydrates and protein which adhere to the skin. This synergy nurtures the skin relieving stress, fatigue, pain and inflammation.  It relaxes the nervous system which otherwise would start alarming the holistic system to send out inflammatory hormones which protect your body from more serious injuries. 
Marshmallow Root is a demulcent which soothes and hydrates the skin, a precursor for other herbal actions to absorb into the skins tissue.  The diuretic property of Marshmallow Root supports the skins ability to eliminate fluid and inflammation.  It makes a good assisting and conducting herb that will bring down swelling and pain associated with fluid retention and inflammatory conditions. 
Herbs for Swelling and Inflammation 
Place marshmallow root in a pot add water and boil for 20 minutes.  Strain and add to the bath along with an essential oil that soothes pain, such as Lavender EO, Geranium EO, or Peppermint EO.  Our Lavender Herb Garden Aroma Blend contains all three of the above-mentioned essential oils.  This blend also has anti-viral properties which may clear congestion in the upper respiratory system.  Lavender Herb Garden is a tapestry with calming and relaxing properties, a synergy in one accord to eliminate stress and fatigue. When you get out of the bath your skin is still permeable, this is the best time to spray Lavender Herb Garden Mist on your body.  It is best to do in the evening because the calming and relaxing tapestry supports a good night sleep. 
 Oak leaves and Twigs
 used as a wash for rashes, skin eruptions, burns and welts.
Jewelweed & Oak Leaf Bath 
Fill up a pot with fresh Jewelweed, Oak leaves and twigs, add cold water and simmer for 20 minutes. Strain and add tisane to your bath water.  Wash with Jewelweed Soap for Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, and Contact Dermatitis.  Towel dry, spray the Jewelweed Topical Mist on the affected areas, let it dry.  For quick relief an added benefit is to rub Jewelweed Salve on the blisters and inflammation.

If your skin is itchy but not necessarily for any foreseeable reason you may enjoy a bath with fresh mint leaves.  Cut yourself enough peppermint for a pot full, bring the water to a simmer and steep for 10-20 minutes. Strain and add to the bath water. Relax and breathe the aroma.  Mint clears the air passages and clears your head.  It is a topical analgesic and a full-bodied herbal treatment to alleviate the symptoms of candida's which causes the skin to itch and welt.  You may notice when you scratch the skin makes a trail with little welts.  This is a warning; your skin is trying to cleanse your body of yeast. When you get out of the bath spray Dune Dew Topical Mist on your skin everywhere you may still itch.  It is designed with Peppermint, Spearmint, Lemon Balm, Witch Hazel, and Aloe Vera hydrosol.  Besides the medicinal values this tapestry is designed for your comfort with cooling herbs for hot, sweaty, and clammy days. Dune Dew is refreshing anytime of the day when the heat is making you feel uncomfortable. It is as refreshing as a cool summer breeze. 
Wild Geranium
The outdoor landscape is a living tapestry an artistic masterpiece with a new design every season.  It nurtures the soul, elevates the spirit and strengthens our holistic system.  It is the breathing ground that draws the breath of life from the Great I Am for the health benefits of man.


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