Sunday, April 29, 2018

Jewel Weed for Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac, Bug Bites, and Swimmers Itch


     Jewel Weed Topical Spray contains a synergistic blend of herbal plants to knock out the itch and swelling associated with inflammatory rashes from swimmer's itch, poison ivy, oak, and sumac.  
 Also, it is soothing for bee stings and bug bites.  

     Little children go into shock and scream bloody murder when they get stung by a yellow jacket!  As a vendor at many harvest festivals and farmers markets;  when the apples are for sale the yellow jackets are swarming.  Cool weather and fresh apples drives= the yellow jackets into a frenzy! The sun shining on the fruit, in a child's hand, appears to be a target for bees.  It doesn't take long before a child is stung.  For this reason, we leave a sample bottle of Jewel Weed Topical Spray at the first aid station, and on our table. Word spreads fast that there is an antidote for bee stings and mosquito bites at the fair.  Jewel Weed Topical Spray  has to be applied in many intervals, numerous times, before the child is comforted. I can hear it in their cry and see the expressions they make and know it is working. Sooner than later, in about 10 minutes or so, they lay their head down on the parent's shoulder, sobbing and sniffling.  The parents show their gratitude and look around our booth with curiosity and conversation. Whole plants for whole people, work the majority of the time. 

     Prevention is the best cure. Jewel Weed Topical Spray may be used as a preventative.  Spray on the exposed areas of skin before you approach nature, and spray again, 15 minutes after you have been exposed to skin allergen plants.  I tested this theory on myself, I am highly reactive to poison ivy. There is a bank I had to walk down to get to the bike path, which is covered with poison ivy. With sandals and shorts on I braved it.  To my surprised, it worked.  I have used this regimen for many years now. We make the Jewel Weed Topical Spray 2 oz. bottle,  a practical pocket size to take on  outdoor excursions.  It also neutralizes the oil on your dogs. I sprayed my dogs after our walks so I wouldn't get poison ivy after touching them. It works! 
          What if you get a case of poison ivy, oak, or sumac?  It's more involved. You have to spray Jewel Weed Topical about every 15 minutes to knock it out.  If it’s a bad flare up try making a paste with our Jewel Weed Soap and Topical Spray.  Spray the soap and mix with your finger until you have a paste consistency. Rub on the blisters and inflamed areas, let it dry and keep it on.  Or, shave the Jewel Weed Soap and mix the Topical Spray until it is the consistency of paste; and store in a glass jar. It is ready to use this way. 
Rub the paste over the blisters and let dry. Leave it on. It knocks the itch out and dries up the blisters. As soon as it starts to itch again, rinse off the soap and Jewel Weed Topical and apply fresh. You will be glad you did. Stay on top of this regimen.  
      Stay out of direct sun light while the skin is inflamed from allergen plants.  It takes longer to dry up if the blisters are exposed to sun light. The sun reactivates the condition.  I learned this the hard way. We were fishing up north for a week. I put the soap paste on, above my knees. The blisters disappeared. By the time we got off the boat, 6 hours later, the blisters were back. I reapplied the paste and they disappeared. Out in the sun, they reappeared. This went on the whole week. Finally, I figured it out. My skin suffered from exposing poison ivy to direct sunlight.  The skin above my knees, turned to saggy elephant skin. My skin recovered and tightened up in about 4 months.  
     What did I do for it? I applied Anna's Skin Repair Serum. Then again, this is another subject for a different blog. I will give you the link in case you have this issue though. 

                               Anna's Secret Skin Repairing Serum. 
     Keep in mind, prevention is the best cure. Take Jewel Weed Topical Spray with you on your outings in the country.  Also, stay out of the sun, or keep your skin covered where the inflammation has caused blisters. 
By Anna Sangemino

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Calendula the Social Flower

Have you ever wondered what the health benefits are in the colors of the food and plants we eat? Orange foods are social foods. Calendula heirloom flowers are yellow, yellow orange and orange, they are the medicinal ones. The length of our spinal cord has hollow glands similar to lymph nodes, which is known as our social network.  They store a surplus of nutrients which come from yellow orange to orange plants.  This reserve of nutrients bioflavonoids, are stored for emergencies which the body will use during a catastrophic illness, sudden trauma, or fatality.  Plants follow a signature of doctrines, which mimics a shape, pattern or action of the human body requires.
 Calendula flowers have their own social network, they thrive in groupings and create their own community. They also contribute to the social network within the body.  Calendula reproduces month to month throughout the year in warmer climates, popping up and blooming everywhere; for the benefit of man. Just like people are transient, branching out to different cultures and societies throughout the year; hopefully contributing to the society and the culture they are a part of?

Calendula Salve, always nurtures and mends wounds. A soothing balm that has your back and will do justice and take action, it is an antiseptic and prophylactic. The essential oil and salicylic acid in the flowers has antimicrobial and antioxidizing actions. Another constituent allentoin proliferates new skin, soothes bruises, burns, and open cuts.  
Calendula, comforts and pampers babies. Calendula Salve, turns down the heat and puts out the fire, soothing babies and diaper rash.  Allentoin, neutralizes the acidity of urine and conditions the skin. 

Calendula Herb Infusions, have a wide range of actions and is beneficial for chronic digestive imbalances, food intolerance and leaky gut syndrome.  This digestive disturbance escalates as the cycle continues in a symptomatic pattern. As one symptom follows the other; calendula tea and calendula tincture can track this chronic pattern, forward and backwards, addressing the complete digestive system. This soothing action nurtures the belly and intestines and mends the intestinal wall; just like it mends and patches the skin from an abrasion, cut, or burn.  

Calendula Extract and Calendula Herb contain active constituents which are, anti-microbial and anti-fungal as found in nature. Calendula Extract and Calendula Herb address unwanted microbial invaders, one common microbe colony in particular is candida's.  Candida's is a big contributor to leaky gut syndrome and is held at bay;  if it is caused by yeast invasion or candida's.  
Calendula Extract has a bitter taste, may be diluted with 1/2 oz. of water and is more concentrated and powerful then the calendula herb tea.  They are both recognized as a bitter herb. Bitter herbs are excellent for the digestive system. Calendula Herb has a sweet, bitter taste. It makes a good tasting beverage mixed with peppermint and lemon. 

Calendula's social integration with society is a gift, nothing short of God's love.  It is adaptable and can be grown throughout the whole world.  Every civilization should have calendula growing; and it should be honored for all the heroic actions and benefits it has to offer humanity. 

By: Anna Sangemino 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Anna's Secret Soothing Serum, Natures Natural Circulatory System Support.

Whole Plant extracts attribute a similar synergy to people; complex, versatile, balancing and harmonious. We benefit from the integrity and vitality certain plants bestow on our circulatory system. When our circulation slows down, so does the flow of our life style. There are so many people suffering from poor circulation in their legs. This picture you are looking at is just the beginning stages of poor circulation. The circulatory can be cared for and improved with whole plant extracts. Yes, even varicose veins and ruptured capillaries.
A very dear friend of mine had ruptured capillaries in her ankles and knees and varicose veins. Her left knee was twice the size as her right knee. She sprayed the Soothing Serum on her legs and ankles for 10 days before she showed us the results. We were amazed how it cleared up all the stagnant blood and brought the swelling down. Her veins did not hurt as badly nor were they tender to the touch. The quality of her life improved. She could work on her feet 6 hours a day without all the associated discomforts she was experiencing.


The circulatory system, is made up of the vessels that carry blood through the body and deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin; plants are made up of lipid fluid vessels that deliver oxygen and nutrition to the skin. Whole plants for whole people have a synchronous synergy.  Swollen legs, ankles and feet benefit from reduced swelling and better circulation. Improving the circulatory system alleviates the uncomfortable symptoms that occur; such as itchy skin, swelling, varicose veins, discolored dark skin pigment, and even ulcers.  

Studies have shown that aescin, the active constituent in horse chestnut extract provides similar effects to compression therapy and compression socks. Anna's Secret Soothing Serum, contains horse chestnut extract and supports the circulatory system.  The veins contract more efficiently. A welcome relief, for edema, broken capillaries, and varicose veins, it eliminates tension on your skin and body. 

We have literally seen black and blue marks change to a yellowish shade on the arms of one of our customers, in less than 3 seconds. She was sent to our store to pick up our ABC Liniment by her physical therapist. I asked her to try the Anna's Secret Soothing Serum first? She agreed. I sprayed the underside of her arm. Before I finished spraying the black and blue bruise turned yellow. There were 3 of us who observed this reaction. That was the last thing I expected to see happen!  She was in a car accident and the air bag dislocated her shoulder and broke the blood capillaries all the way down her arm.  She bought both the spray and the liniment.  

Another testimony about the benefits of Anna's Secret Soothing Serum.
One of our customers was recovering from knee surgery, she was walking on crutches. She sprayed her knee several times and could feel something happening. In a little while she said there was less stiffness and tension in her knee. She came back to the store 6 months later and didn't think I would remember her.  She gave her testimony. It helped the swelling, stiffness, and shortened the recovery time of her knee replacement. 

I injured my foot, for three months I could not walk barefoot on the sand or swim in the lake. The top of my foot was swollen and had a black and blue spot, which had no felling to touch but hurt if I moved a certain way. I Went to my chiropractor, acupuncturist, and physical therapist. I started spraying the Soothing Serum every night after work on my foot. I sprayed about 15 different times and propped my foot up. After a week the swelling went down, I could see a bone raised higher than the others on my foot.  I heard the Holy Spirit say, "Sit on the bottom of your foot".  Without hesitation I did and the bone adjusted and seated itself.   
I designed this serum for varicose veins.  Much to my surprise, there's been one testimony after another about the benefits and uses, for a variety of different symptoms. All of which have to do with the circulatory system. In the end, another comforting use, the soothing serum shrinks hemorrhoids.  
 This is one of the main reasons I work with whole plant extracts. God is the creator with an ingenious design within plants. There is such a diversity of symptoms one plant can benefit.  There are so many chemical constituents, many of which scientists have not discovered yet. Plants, enhance our lives and benefit man holistically. We are all still documenting all the new wonders, and marveling over the miraculous effects, we get from plants synergistic vitality. This is the reason I branded my skin care line, Skincare Guardian. 


Another excellent plant extract to support the circulatory system, decrease swelling, and soothe and smooth out the skin from varicose veins is Witch Hazel. Witch Hazel is part of the synergy, It is great for strengthening blood vessels and reducing the symptoms of varicose veins. Aside from being an astringent, it also contains gallic acid which reduces the tenderness and swelling. 

 Lavender Oil, is a natural defense for allergic skin reactions, such as inflammation, rashes, and itchy skin.  Lavender Oil is antibacterial and benefits the dermis, it is rapidly absorbed by the skin. It normalizes any skin type and stimulates cellular growth and regeneration. 

Rosemary Oil, is especially useful for clearing stagnant blood, reducing oxidative stress on tissue, and strengthening the capillary beds.  It opens up and dilates the capillary beds and relaxes excessive arterial constriction.

Basil oil strengthens muscles.  It disperses swelling and fluid build up due to poor circulation.

Anna's Secret Soothing Serum does not contain fixed oils. The extracts and essential oils are effective and assimilate quickly.

By: Anna Sangemino