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Practical DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation

Wake up and Feel the Love
Sweet orangegrapefruit, lemon, and lime citrus oils contain high levels of d- limonene, bringing the effect of  clarifying the mind and balancing to the body and uplifting mood. An aid for curbing  cravings and increasing motivation, and somewhat enhanced when paired with peppermint oil. A favorite way to start the morning is by using Sweet orange and peppermint in the diffuser to give me the  jolt I need to start the day and even works without caffeine. If you do not have a diffuser you can mix 5ml of each essential oil in any of these blends and then use with a 4 oz spray bottle filling the rest with distilled water.
For using with the diffuser try 4 dropspeppermint essential oil 4 dropssweet orange or other desired citrus oil
PM fatigue Buster diffuser blend The unique exquisite aroma ofbergamotnever cease