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Revitalize Healthy Beauty with Natures Natural Affinity 'Whole Plants for Whole People'

               The Skin Care Guardian's Affinity Nurtures the skin and Revitalizes Healthy Beauty. WHOLE PLANTS for WHOLE PEOPLE   Skin Care Guardian evolved with the affinity plants have with people. One of the plants virtues is to maintain and revitalize healthy beauty.  The affinity between plants and people is a superior synergistic system.  This transformation between plants and people, to revitalize Healthy Beauty is a gift. ‘The Skin Care Guardian’ brand, is a vital energy, it travels from plants to people and trigger the skins delivery systems, a holistic response to replenish our skin and nurture the central nervous system. How does this work?  The nerves in the skin is a part of the central nervous system. The nerves gather the nutrients and they travel expediently to nurture physiologically relieving stress and physical tension, to protect the skin from degeneration, and to sustain our health and beauty.     HYDRATION FACIAL SYSTEM     Essential oils ,