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The Skin Reflects Our Holistic Profile

                                      The Skin is a Mirror Reflection of the Soul. Our lives go through countless changes, trials, and errors. Holding ourselves back from how we experience these changes or living in denial opens the door to negative trials and errors, a response that needs a positive outlook to achieve a healthy outcome.  Our skin is like a mirror, a reflection of our soul.    We need a focal point to counteract all the negative experiences, we have encountered. Meditation is an opportunity to rest and listen. Allow our spirit to come alive and discover the innate wisdom that resides within. The revelation will be made clear, lessons learned are a primary part of the healing process to bring our holistic profile back into balance.     The skin is a grounding mechanism for the body. It sounds alarms and reacts to ward off invasive attacks from emotional and environmental stress, disease, allergies, eczema, toxins, poisonous plants, etc.   There are many simples, single