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 Elder Tonic and More for a Strong Constitution

Elderberry Syrup is easy to make. It is  a tonic herb that is gentle for all ages and safe for long term usage. Boil down the juice from the berries with a little sugar, to taste. When it is the consistency of honey it is a syrup. It is well known throughout history for its use to remedy a cold, flu and sore throat.   Modern research has shown Elderberry kills many kinds of influenza viruses and is effective in shortening the lifespan of the cold or flu.  The berries have many of the same properties as the flowers. They are also known to be a long-term tonic and blood builder, good for anemia. Elder Berries contain flavonoids,  cyanogens , and some volatile oils.  The flowers contain volatile oil from the fatty acids, coumarins, flavonoids, mucilage, sterols, and tannin's.   Elder Flowers strengthen the circulation and open the 9 systems in the body, preventing blockages. They are a diaphoretic, supporting the body to sweat when there is a fever or a buildup of toxins.  Bot