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The Living Tapestry of Herbs

The Living Tapestry of Herbs Self Heal Spring is the season we have been looking for, warmer weather and longer days. A greener landscape illuminating red, blues, and purple hues.   After a long winter of setting goals, in early spring  quarantined , our passion grows for the days we can be outdoors. Athletic activity, yard work, and gardening at our fingertips as our  adrenalin  runs high. We value the task at hand more than the minor twitch and throb an a  tight  muscle band. Before you know it, your joints are  stiff,  and your muscles sore. Sound familiar?   Herbs for the Bath Draw the water for a hot bath.  Blending fresh herbs with the dried herbs you stored in the past.  Fill a pot with peppermint and rosemary sprigs.  Place the herbs in boiling  water, steep for 10-20 minutes.  While you wait, rub yourself down with ABC Liniment .   Add some Lavender Essential Oil to the mix; strain the tisane and add to the bath water.   Herbal baths nurture the entire body or