Elder Tonic and More for a Strong Constitution

Elderberry Syrup is easy to make. It is a tonic herb that is gentle for all ages and safe for long term usage. Boil down the juice from the berries with a little sugar, to taste. When it is the consistency of honey it is a syrup. It is well known throughout history for its use to remedy a cold, flu and sore throat.  Modern research has shown Elderberry kills many kinds of influenza viruses and is effective in shortening the lifespan of the cold or flu. The berries have many of the same properties as the flowers. They are also known to be a long-term tonic and blood builder, good for anemia. Elder Berries contain flavonoids, cyanogens, and some volatile oils.  The flowers contain volatile oil from the fatty acids, coumarins, flavonoids, mucilage, sterols, and tannin's. 

Elder Flowers strengthen the circulation and open the 9 systems in the body, preventing blockages. They are a diaphoretic, supporting the body to sweat when there is a fever or a buildup of toxins. Both actions are present a stimulating and sedative effect, which neutralize your energy. You remain calm during the day and when you're tired you can sleep through it while your body is purging toxins.  Elder is a relaxant and has been used to remove spasmodic cough, intestinal colic and spasm in the stomach.  It alleviates congestion of the respiratory tract, and postnasal drip, and allergies.  The flowers of the Elder are a cooling agent designed for use for all conditions where there is heat. Warm and dry or Warm and moist, it opens the pores and all the hollow tubes in the body, supporting elimination in the kidneys and colon as well. They are slightly blood thinning, immune building, soothing, mildly stimulating, with two strong energetics alterative and astringent. An alterative alters the body’s ability to function, enriching blood flow to the tissues while cooling and detoxifying blood.  Astringents dry up secretions and bind tissue and tone muscles. 

So how do we strengthen our constitution to stay strong, vibrant, and healthy?  By feeding our body what it needs based on our energetic constitution. Are we running to hot or cold? Are we dehydrated and dry or do we sweat easily, and the skin is moist and clammy? The energetic constitution of the herb itself is vital to balance these conditions, so we do not become susceptible to chronic illnesses.  
Each illness manifests different types of energy that varies according to each person's body.  Illnesses thrive on energy such as cool or warm, deficient or excess, dry or damp, etc.  Which it is determines what herbs and fluids are needed to counteract their attack to neutralize and restore vitality and strength to live a healthy lifestyle.  
The symptoms of an illness vary and is analyzed according to the signs and symptoms of your unique constitution.  Once the energy of the illness is determined you can choose the appropriate essential oils, herbs and foods to heal any dis-ease.   
Foods have different ph factors, they are acidic, sweet, sour, salty, or alkaline. Bacteria and viral grow in an acidic constitution. They normally grow in the intestines and spread into the digestive system. Unless you have a leaky gut, this is a serious leakage in the lining of the intestines.  The pathogenic organism escapes through the wall of the intestine and spreads quickly into the blood stream. Yeast is the biggest culprit that destroys the lining of the intestine. 

Calendula Tea is wonderful, it knits the intestinal wall back together. It is warming, a little salty, and moistening. It cleanses hollow tubes in the body including your lymph nodes. Calendula is antibacterial and anti-fungal. It is important to stop eating and drinking all foods and beverages that cause candida's in order to stop this destructive damaging disease. 
Not every cold, flu or leaky gut has the same symptoms.  The weakest system in the body is the one that is attacked first.  For instance, my tonsils and adenoids were removed when I was a little girl.  The first signs and symptoms appear in my throat, sinus, ears and head.  The tonsils and adenoids are a major part of the lymph system which fights infection. Bacteria and viruses spread faster because they were removed. 
When this happens, I reach for my first aid kit.  I alternate Echinacea and Elder extract for my throat, Elderberry for my head and lung congestion.  Elderberries dissolves the spike on a single cell organism which is used to break through our cells and infect the  the cell with it's toxin.  Hyssop extract an anti-bacterial for bronchial infection and earache is in the mint family and is also a tonic herb, Super Lysine with Shitake and Echinacea is a commercial product I use to support my immune system it is anti-viral and anti-fungal. 

Five Trees Roll On used externally is anti-viral, I wear it for deodorant and to support the lymph system. Also, I roll it on the lymph nodes under my ears and base of the neck, tops of legs, lower back and my feet. This supplies a welcomed added boost to the immune system and supplies good energetics for my constitution. 
Not all antibacterial or anti-viral herbs work for every type of bacterial or viral infections. The  herb is considered for the energetic constitution, warming herbs and foods will counteract the energy of an illness if you are cold and congested. If you are hot and dry, cooling and moistening herbs are necessary. The purpose of this is to counter the symptoms of your constitution. Eliminate the energy the germs are thriving in and deplete the virus or bacteria, so the illness does not keep re-occurring. Food and spices are a major consideration as well. If you are running hot and sweaty the last thing you need to eat is spicy foods that make you hot and sweaty. You will dehydrate creating more inflammation allowing the symptoms to intensify. 
Not applying herbs energetically to an illness is often the reason herbs are not winning the battle.  If the herbs do not appear to be working, it is usually due to improper application or insufficient dosage.  

Seek a holistic health professional if you are not knowledge about how to use herbs and food for medicine for a quicker recovery when you are sick. If you do not need immediate attention enjoy learning about herbs and diet for an optimal holistic approach toward a healthy lifestyle. Using herbs correctly in the proper dosage and formulation for your unique body type requires some enlightenment and or a clinical herbalist who can educate you faster than you can learn in your own time frame to heal from chronic health issues. This is my opinion, it takes time. Someone who is trained and has spent years studying the bodies whole constitution and how to keep it all thriving with vitality on an energetic level is a clinical herbalist.  They will look at your whole constitution and be able to advise you according to your personal profile. Remember, we all have our very own constitution and need to realign our energy and ability to fight a disease so we may stay strong, vibrant, and healthy. 

I can make some healthy choices for you and your family that may protect you from coming down with a cold, flu, or bacterial infection. Five Trees Essential Oil Blend and the Five Tree Aroma Mist is compatible for all people. The herbs I have mentioned are tonic herbs, meaning they are gentle and build a strong constitution. All of the herbs and essential oils I mentioned will support a healthy immune system and drive with great resistance the pathogenic organisms out of your body.

                             Five Trees has very strong anti-viral constituents... 
Five Trees Blend: Add 1/3 oz. to a 2 oz. Bottle of water free hand cleanser to make an anti-viral wash. 
For a disinfectant and cleaner for your counters, fixtures and bathroom, add ½ oz. Five Trees Essential Oil Blend to 4 oz. White vinegar and water to fill a 24 oz. spray bottle.   

It promotes health, purification and healing. 
 Eucalyptus is highly recommended as a decongestant for colds for opening the lungs and nasal passages. It stimulates infection-fighting antibodies. With 60% Cineole an anti-microbial it reduces inflammation and works as an expectorant. It also contains a compound called, a-pinene, another anti-inflammatory and bronchodilator which opens bronchial airways.

Calming to the nerves. 
Cinnamon oil is a natural antimicrobial, containing 80-96% Eugenol which is also anti-viral. It is also a good source of antioxidants and several anti-inflammatory compounds. Cinnamon Oil is historically regarded as one of the strongest antibacterial agents known.  It has strong resistant properties against viral infections and contagious diseases. 

Serves as a mental stimulant and supports sleep. 
 Most Clove Bud Oil contains 80-85% Eugenol which is powerful anti-microbial and anti-viral. It is very concentrated and should not be used on the skin undiluted. A dilution of 1% Clove Oil is added to the oil blend. 

Helps overcome mental fatigued 
It is reported as having anti-microbial properties. With 17-25% cineole constituents it is recommended for respiratory issues and sinus congestion. 

It promotes physical energy, purification and healing. 
Lemon oil is often referred to as having immune-stimulating properties. The oil is very effective for opening the breathing passages. Studies have shown it strengthens the lymph nodes and detoxes wastes from the body.
Strengthens the immune system 
Traditionally it has been used for respiratory conditions.  It can deepen the breath and slow down the breathing rate when you are struggling with congestion

After a shower Lavender Moisturizer Cream has a positive effect on the body, it supports the circulation, is an alterative and uplifting. It is great for fatigue and tension, calming and relaxing. Essential oils help so much applied externally. 
Understanding the nutritional benefits of food will keep you healthy. Which foods are acidic, neutral,sweet, salty or alkaline, it is important to keep your body from becoming too acidic.  If your constitution is to acidic bad bacteria will thrive, and disease will bloom. Also, the danger of a diet high in carbohydrates and low in healthy fats is dangerous for normal blood sugar levels. The proper amount of water to drink 8 glasses, exercise, spending time outdoors, growing stronger spiritually, are all positive energy sources. All the healthy lifestyle choices we make today will better our chances to stay strong tomorrow. 
Be Well 
            Stay Strong 
                              Be Safe
                                         Live Holistically,
                                                   Anna Sangemino