Practical DIY Essential Oil Recipes for Stress, Anxiety and Relaxation

Wake up and Feel the Love

Sweet orangegrapefruit, lemon, and lime citrus oils contain high levels of d- limonene, bringing the effect of  clarifying the mind and balancing to the body and uplifting mood. An aid for curbing  cravings and increasing motivation, and somewhat enhanced when paired with peppermint oil. A favorite way to start the morning is by using Sweet orange and peppermint in the diffuser to give me the  jolt I need to start the day and even works without caffeine.
If you do not have a diffuser you can mix 5ml of each essential oil in any of these blends and then use with a 4 oz spray bottle filling the rest with distilled water.

For using with the diffuser try
4 drops sweet orange or other desired citrus oil

PM fatigue Buster diffuser blend
The unique exquisite aroma of bergamot never ceases to enthrall, it has the uncanny ability to uplift your mood while at the same time calm your psyche and body. A hybrid citrus by science, the limonene content in Bergamot charges the mood so that you can receive your drive to go on to the next task, but the linalool like that found in  lavender calms stress. Bergamot may also be diluted with carrier to massage into tense muscles for enhance aromatherapeutic effect. Combine it with peppermint to charge up your morning rituals and boost your personal security and confidence for the day.
Diffuser Blend:

Mental focus diffuser blend
Rosemary essential oil can also add another lay of clarity and confidence by increasing mental capacity for focus and memory. The  stronger 1,8-cineole content switches on the limbic system to activate your mind and memory, even under stressful conditions, simply inhaling Rosemary Essential oil can bring this result. Rosemary can also support body systems in times of fatigue and can be soothing for nervous tension or feelings related to anxiety. Combined with other essential oils like peppermint, it can usher repel confidence destructors  out of your existence and give a boost you might need to succeed.
Diffuser Blend:

Embrace Lavender for Rest and Relaxation
The linalool primary constituent in Lavender Essential Oil can instantaneously calm the body and mindset. Used simply with deep breathing exercises, it can banish anxiety by eliminating the detrimental effects of your daily stress. Used in the evening it can help you  relax and unwind so you can achieve restful sleep your body needs and desires.
Diffuser Use:

Or for a mister bottle Add 10 ml Lavender essential oil to a 4-ounce glass  bottle with a mister tip and fill with distilled water. Spray on your bedding, pajamas and around your room before retiring for the day to ease your mind and body into a peaceful,restful sleep and rest.

Powerwoman blend
Try starting the  morning with this blend by applying it on  wrists, ankles, and behind your ears. It’s also recommended applying the roller bottle blend on the  palms of your hands and inhaling when preparing for a big meeting, event or other potentially stressful situation.
Powerwoman roll-on blend
Fill the rest with JojobaMCT or other Carrier oil of choice

No matter what you may be destined to encounter in daily life, confidence and a fortified stability of conscience can be achieved by focusing on prayer, self-care and paying body and mind the attention they both need and deserve. Balancing stress levels and using the power of essential oils with Aromatherapy will set you on the path of success because you are allowing yourself the time to seek the relaxation your mind and body needs. Take the  time to breathe deeply and embrace the confidence within you to take on your world with a new found edge for succeeding.


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